A Change of Plans

Sometimes—no oftentimes—life does not unfold to plan. Take Monday. The plan was to go camping in Pepa, to get out of the city for a night and shed the daily noise and commotion. Instead, the day went like this: Pepa was a bit sick—air was sneaking into her coolant from somewhere. To find the leak, … More A Change of Plans

Writing and Tidying

Lately, my attention has been to writing and tidying. Together, they’ve filled up days. I’ve found both disciplines carry similar language. When I attend to one, I learn about the other. When I place words on a page, I tidy thoughts together. I put each word in the place it fits. If a word, or … More Writing and Tidying

What we brought back

We’re back. We’ve brought in the food, the dishes, the clothes, and the books. We’ve cleaned Pepa and tucked her into a garage. We’ve started jobs, shoveled snow from the sidewalk, and run errands. There’s adjustment. It’s different, but good. What have we learned about living after living in an eighty-square-foot van for two months? … More What we brought back

Roads of Baja

A few things we’ve learned about Baja roads: always assume the road is rougher than it is described to you; Toyota corollas have the ability to be excellent off-road vehicles; llanteras (tire repair) are five times as common as gas stations; washboards and rocks are no match for semis; buses take priority over on-coming traffic … More Roads of Baja

We come, we go

“Podemos alquilar kayaks?” I ask as I approach the old man under the sign that says “Se renta kayaks.” “Si,” he replies. He’s sitting on his sand porch under a blue tarp. It appears that he lives with his wife in a nearby tow-behind trailer that may not have moved in a decade. He’s wrinkled around … More We come, we go